Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Experience the acceleration

  In the always exciting world of turbos, we are about to get our feet wet.

In years past, one nagging problem, at least for me, was the limitation of the position of the turbo charger.
cast wheel...billet wheel...billet wheel with air diffuser

Things are about to change,  new technologies developed at Comp Turbo are going to allow us more flexibility, we are about to go "OIL LESS"  just a few more details and our client will be able to drive without sump hanging down from the turbo.  We will keep you updated.
Santa came earlier.........

Comp Turbo X-HF billet compressor wheel

After intense research and development the X-HF billet compressor wheel design flows 15-20% more air flow than prior impeller designs. The X-HF line is machined from high grade billet aluminum for durability and lower inertia. Comp Turbo X-HF line is the most advanced compressor wheel design and was engineered for maximum performance output.

For more info on the new turbos available visit:  http://www.compturbo.com/

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