Monday, May 30, 2011

Yabba Dabba Doo.....

Reporting from Bedrock we bring you an update :

Our short wheel base with the floors issues has gotten something to put the seats on,

After hours of grinding and literally chiseling off chunks of plastic fillers and silly putty, we found ourselves with a dilemma...........I said  Abandon ship !!!   But our customer really loves this car.

Buying new floors is not the answer, the support areas where the new floor would attach are gone.

 But somebody had already tried to attach some kind of floor, and some parts seemed to have a good hold.  After testing some of those areas we had an idea,  find the stronger points of the frame and build from there.

Normally we would put folds on the sheet metal panels for strength, but we are going from something different this time,  we are going to use the existing panels, to sandwich the new panels by structurally weld them together

Then add reinforcement to the side of the tunnel and the new double floor panels,  this is going to prevent straight panels from flexing, and keep our customer's legs inside the vehicle.
Hundreds of little self tapping screws were driven to keep the two panels close together, then we remove and weld, remove and weld...........
The side of the tunnel gets a little more complicated, remember that wires fuel lines and battery cable are still inside of it, so is not only  remove and weld,  it becomes, remove, inspect and weld, then inspect again.
After the welding was 90 % completed, I felt I can withstand any relationship......I've been on my knees for a few hours.
The important thins is that now the floors are very strong, next we will use rust inhibitors for added rust protection, when we get done we will also install a roll bar.....just in case.           you shall hear from us soon.

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