Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Out of body experience

 It seems like our movie star is going to collect one more part, one very important part.

All that running around making his presence felt has left him clutch less, his powerband does not surpass the 400hp, pity, that is where the fun is.

So up we go, it's time to let doctor operate.

 The "while you're there" bug always pays a visit and the temptation of adding a few more things is gaining momentum, a limited slip and alcohol injection have been on the wish list, who knows, maybe we can proceed to check out
 In the meantime, let's add some real clamping power and keep the rubber on the ground.  We had one our vendors build us a dual face Kevlar disc and a heavy duty pressure plate.......that ought to work out your leg muscles.  I don't think my chicken legs can handle that.

When this ride was called the 75 beast on TV, it really didn't show how wild of a beast it really is,  but here you can see it in all it's nakedness,  intercoolers stayed on the car of course, the twins breath through 3 inch pipes and their oil feed get monitored, as well as the engine pressure by mechanical's a Hot Rod kind of thing.
It is still using the stock fuel rails and pressure regulators, so we also monitor the fuel the same way.
We may have to add something to the wish list......


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