Friday, May 13, 2011

Special guest

The National Geographic channel aired their episode of Break it Down, Porsche in Pieces last night, and this black Pearl made an appearance, since then we have been asked to elaborate in this build.
 It started as a 1975 S, but has been through the carousel of changes, first the 2.7 liter engine was replaced with a 3.2 first, while the boss was building the twin turbo twin plugged that takes him around town these days.

Having invested in the fabrication of a special engine lid, it would have been shame to lose it and make room for the intercooler, instead, let's put individual coolers under the quarter panels.

The coolers get their fresh air through the custom made vents  added to the body.
A especially designed muffler keeps his neighbors in good standing, but manual boost controllers can sometimes let its presence known.
Coil overs in all corners, strut support bar and 28mm sway bars keep it close to the ground while making very tight corners.

 The AC brackets and fuel rails were modified to allow room for the retractable 996 wing to be operational.  AC fully charge keeps the passengers of the two baby seats in comfort, a roll bar keeps them protected.

The engine is a 3.1 liter twin turbo, twin plugged, flame ringed, ported and polished heads fed by two motorsports fuel pumps and allowed to breath by TurboSmart waste gates and blow off valves

There have been many changes since his appearance on TV, and I am sure there will be more.

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